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Serious Status Update

  • My school-computer was blocking everything again and my unblocker wasn't working very well. (Or at all!)
    • I really wanted to watch shows on Peacock, and after restarting my computer, I had access to it again. (And ppl.moe, which was for some reason blocked. INSANE!)
  • Everyone in my family has COVID-19 except me. (I probably have it now too, but I had to wear a mask inside my house and eat apart from the rest of my family.)
    • I got a new set of three masks! They are a lot tighter than my previous ones, but those were loose and likely didn't help with anything.
  • I got some more money. I only need a little less than 25 more dollars to buy a computer! (The HP ENVY x360 Convertible Laptop w/ 512gb storage and 16gb RAM.)
    • My parents are thankfully paying for half of it, so I only need to save up 427 dollars! (It's still a lot with my only source of income is a weekly allowance and tech help.)

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You are so good @ making money.

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I actually purchased my Google Pixel 6 with that money. 🤷