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The toaster does not toast bread.
⚧️ Gender
⚧️ Pronouns
Any! (No Neo Pronouns-)
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🌎 Language
English/Learning Spanish
🎂 Birthday
Aug. 12

📝 All about Wonder!

☆ Hello, I'm Wonder, it's lovely to meet you~! ♪

♡ I'm a Male (in real life-) and I go by any pronouns!

△ I really like: Hot and Spicy/Cool and Sweet foods~!, Cold Environments, The Internet, Sound Voltex, and Roleplaying!

▽ I dislike: Pushy or Rude People, and being out in hot weather for too long!

◇ My Main Hobbies are: Playing Rhythm Games, roleplaying, and listening to music! (Possibly whilst asleep~)

□ I tend to be busy from 8:45 AM PST to 4:30 PM PST!

Once again, it's nice to meet you! I hope we can be great friends~!

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Replying to Noire

Can't wait pretty bree-

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Mmmm, I want to have some lovely cuddles while we sleeps..~ I have my fluffy high socks on tonight~!

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I want cuddles-

Wonder! is feeling 😴 sleepy

Feeling sleepy— This thick blanket and soft bed makes me feel sooo comfy- Especially with these long-ish fluffy socks~ Oh? You want to sleep with me? Well, there’s enough space for two here—