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English | Python
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Jun. 1

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I'm very innovative in addition to enjoying exploring various topics. I adore learning about planetary science, astrophysics, physical cosmology, astrobiology, astrometry; robotics & engineering; psychology and sociology; forensics and criminology; many other interests.

Withal, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, watching anime, and YouTube videos. I primarily play Roblox and Minecraft.

My favorite colors are black, grey, purple, green, and brown. I enjoy basing my aesthetics off of nature or to match my surroundings and my mood; I often use darker colors for expression because It's easier to use black to match in comparison to other colors and I like the depth it can give that other colors can't from my eyes.

I often listen to shoegaze rock and metal, j-pop, j-rock, then sometimes songs from tv shows or movies (mostly anime). The artists I frequently listen to are my bloody valentine, Loathe, Pierce the Veil, Slipknot, $uicideboy$, Whirr, Superheaven, Title Fight, Glare, TV Girl, and julie.

The animes I enjoyed watching the most are Black Clover, Castlevania, My Hero Academia, and Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun.


Personality type:

MBTI - INTJ/NiTeFiSe | Enneagram - 5w4 | Tritype - 548 | Instinctual Variant - sp/so | Socionics - LIE | SLOAN - RCOEI | Attitudinal Psyche - LVFE | Temperaments - Melancholic-Choleric


If you are planning on adding me on Discord, here are a couple of habits I tend to show:

鈥 I'm usually active. If I don't respond, it's because I don't want to speak to you or because I'm busy handling something.

鈥 If I'm playing a game for a long time, I presumably kept my PC on with the game running and forgot about it.

鈥 I'm an atheist and a nihilist. If you disapprove of my beliefs, I advise you to find another person to befriend or engage with.


I have so many words but I am stuck on limitations.

I update my bio and tagline a lot. I think my current one is most suitable for me at this moment.

*Fix (temp): I need to work on improving my immune system. I will add that to my schedule so I can work on that daily plus my regular tasks in my to-do list. I will get myself together and refrain from making myself further disorganised in my thoughts. I will stay put together and disregard my illogical feelings not putting my mind at rest and ease.

sil is feeling 馃様 pensive

*Log/vent (kinda): I genuinely cannot tell if I鈥檓 hungry or nauseous. I haven鈥檛 eaten an entire meal in days because of this illness and it鈥檚 slowly driving me insane. I鈥檝e been feeling sick taking nausea medication for days and I鈥檓 about to run out of tablets. I feel like shit and my head feels like it鈥檚 constantly vibrating and being stimulated. It鈥檚 getting bad to the point where the medication isn鈥檛 working to it鈥檚 best anymore. Everytime I think things are improving and getting better, my body suddenly fucks me over again. I seriously need to get back into shape, move back into my schedule and routines, and focus on my future and daily planning. My mind has been moving so slowly, not working at it鈥檚 maximum capacity. I feel like my intelligence is failing me and I feel vulnerable due to this illness. I can鈥檛 wait until I recover from this. I want to learn again. I want to be at peace again. I want to be organized again. I鈥檓 running out of time to complete my tasks for this and the previous week(s) and it鈥檚 distracting me, keeping me up at night. I just want to stay in peace without any disturbances from my dysfunctional, constantly breaking down body.

I feel significantly better than a few days ago. I took medication prescribed by my doctor and most of my nausea went away within the last 12 hours.

I will be back on schedule soon and capable of voice chatting again.