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yo waddup
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demigirl (trans)
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C, Java, Python, Lua, Javascript
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Oct. 5

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sapphic demigirl trans programmer gamer teenager who can't finish most projects
like seriously though look at my GitHub, that's not even half of the things i've started
oh also i made a plugin to display these bio's inside discord: powercord-ppl-moe (it works with Topaz and probably Replugged too).

Links: GitHub, Twitter, Youtube, Minecraft, Twitch

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WHOOO guess what: because Topaz is a thing i don't have to rewrite the powercord-ppl-moe plugin!!
i can just fix a couple bugs and figure out the git shenanigans and it works!!

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oop so i guess Powercord is done :/
obviously that means the plugin i made, powercord-ppl-moe, is also done. (that's fine, the code is jank as all can be)
since i've moved to using GooseMod, i'll be porting the plugin to that. no ETA yet (or even a github link)
I will try to finish it soonβ„’ tho because i used it frequently (mainly for pronouns)

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new pfp because pride month! πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ
this is the first time i've changed it since the beginning of the pandemic, and only the 2nd time total.
because of caching it hasn't updated here yet but hopefully it will soon (i use gravatar because it's cool and epic)

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after arguing with myself for like 4+ months, i've finally accepted that i'm just straight up trans
well, not "straight up", i'm actually very sapphic :P
πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ (epic unicode moment)

i'm participating in r/place and i cant tell if i'm having fun or just becoming more annoyed with the average internet user