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m for mental issues ♡
⚧️ Gender
female, omnisexual
⚧️ Pronouns
she/her, they/them
📍 Location
asia, philippines
🌎 Language
english, filipino + russian
🎂 Birthday
May. 20

📝 All about may

★︰— hello-hello! i'm may/mayvtc﹐i'd love it if you would call me by mimi though ! ♡
i'm a high school student learning programming on vscode﹐who also knows how to do digital arts and animation !﹒﹒on a budget. also editing on ae :)

i go by she/her (preferred)﹐they/them pronouns .. afab and omnisexual as well.
as for mbti, i'm an i-enfp 5w6 phlegmatic sx/so﹐hmu if you're a lil similar ig ! ♡

i play valorant﹐csgo﹐osu!﹐minecraft﹐idv﹒﹒and more !
my riot id is mimi#moony .. and my osu! profile name is miyokoshiro.

may is feeling 💀 dead

lonely ack

may is feeling 😴 sleepy

bored asf

may is feeling 💀 dead