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Jun. 15

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Hewwo, i am Iria, 19 years old! You can call me Iria or misu/misuna, or mocha. I am a girl, who likes diapers and abdl/little stuff, but only the sfw parts of it. i commission art of this because it keeps me calm and happy, it does not turn me on in any circumstances.

lots of people can say its a fetish but it is not a fetish for me and i am not into nsfw abdl/little stuff.

I own lots of ocs, Probably too many. But my eevee misuna, is a smol baby princess vee :3

i only commission art, not draw it as i cannot draw at all. Lmao.

I am a very kind person mostly, if you treat me with respect. Be wary i sometimes tend to worry and sometimes repeat the same questions a lot, and have a slight bit of anxiety. Due to this im a hard person to talk too, i am also very shy and not very good at making conversation, and it is hard for me to talk to anyone unless they message me.

Here are some important peeps:

Daddy: Yazi 🌺 πŸ’œ

Sis: Kate 🌹❀️

Besties: ❀️Gracie, Skylina, Tigerlily πŸ’•

Daughter: Wynter (MoonieWusky)

Mommy: Szibi 🀎

Caregiver: Hitomi πŸ’–

Other close frens:

Jedras πŸ’•

Ava πŸ’›

Fairy πŸŽ€

Stewwa 🀍

DP ✨

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